Coffin and casket training videos

Coffin Training Manual

Tools and Machinery

A list of all the tools and machines that you need. 23 items listed that are necessary to run your business effectively.

Required Materials

A list of all materials needed during construction. 12 items listed.

Paints and Oxides

Guidelines for mixing paints and oxides. 7 items listed.

Staining Chipboard

A complete step-by-step guideline on how to stain chipboard and supawood so it resembles hardwood.

Colour Mixtures

Oxide colour mixes (recipies) containing variations in the colour of the end product. 6 different colour mixes shown, which you can play with to create your own colours.

Jig Diagrams and Blocks

Diagrams of seven jig sizes and placement of the support blocks. The jig is used to construct the actual coffin. Also included is a photo of the completed jig.

Constructing a Jig

Notes and diagrams on how to construct the jig. The jig is only made once (for each of the seven different sized coffins). When done the coffin is constructed around the jig.


Sizes of the 7 completed coffins (from stillborn to adult). In the manual the are referred to coffin 1 to 7, 1 being stillborn and seven being adult.

Constructing a Coffin

Step-by-step instructions, notes, diagrams and cutting angles on how to construct the number 2 coffin around the jig. Includes a photo of one side panel attached to the jig, as well as a photo of the completed product. How to do the side panels, floor, head insert, toe insert and lid.

Panel Pins

Placement of screws, panel pins and skirting on the coffin, including diagrams and a photo.


Seventeen guidelines and tips during construction. 17 items listed.

Coffin Trimmings

Securing the plastic lining and fitting the trimmings.

Oversized Coffins

How to construct oversized coffins, i.e. coffins larger than the standard adult size.

Positioning of Handles

Guidelines on positioning of handles and decorations on coffins. This covers all 7 sizes.

Legal Requirements

A short synopsis of legal requirements.

Cutting Guide For Coffins

A cutting guide for the 7 coffin sizes with built in safety margins. Once you are familiar with all the sizes you can prepare your own cutting guide without the safety margins, which will save on wood.

Cutting Guide For Jigs

Cutting guide for the seven coffin jigs.

Floor Panel Screws

How to secure the floor panel properly, as this carries most of the weight.

Diagrams Of Coffin Lids

8 different diagrams of coffin lids. You can also design your own.

Template Sizes

Sizes of the seven templates, which are used to construct the jigs.

Handles & Trimmings

Online link showing you how trimmings and handles are fitted.

Casket Training Manual

Casket Box

Instructions, sizes and diagrams on how to construct the box.

Frame On Top of Box

Instructions, sizes and diagram on how to construct the frame.

Floor panel

Instructions on how to complete and secure the floor panel.


How and where to place the hinges and mounting the frame onto the box.

Lid Support

Instructions, height, angles and diagrams of the lid support.

The Lid

Instructions and diagrams on construction the flat lid.


Diagrams, instructions and placement of skirtings and corner blocks.


Different pre-made trimmings and supplier.

Securing Panels

Diagrams and sizes of all panels and how to secure the joins.

Staining And Painting

How to stain or paint the casket if MDF foil was not used.


Different sizes of the infant, teenage and adult caskets.


Picture of the finished product plus the interior trimmings.

Dome Caskets

A video link on how to manufacture dome caskets.

Synopsis Of Services

Our services include coffin and casket training courses, training manuals and blueprints, tutorial videos, do-it-yourself kits, templates, marketing & business package, all of which will assist you to either secure a job in the funetal industry or start your own manufacturing business.


Training Manuals

The manuals explain in detail how to manufacture coffins and caskets, including how to stain chipboard so it resembles hardwood. It includes sizes, images, photos and a step-by-step guide. This is also a cost effective way to learn the manufacturing process of a coffin and casket.